Connecting People

T he non-profit organization The Bay Areas was founded to connect people and organizations in the geographical areas of San Francisco, Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein. The aim is to establish new partnerships and contacts and enrich and share existing partnerships and contacts.

The dialogue is supposed to cover multiple clusters such as Culture, Science, Business, Education, Politics and Sport. School. The members come from different backgrounds, such as Universities, Schools, Sailing, Digital Business, Renewable Engergy, Industry, Economic Development, Technology, Services and Politics. To establish a strong and long lasting network, which will connect the regions the clusters are each managed by members of the organization with a specific interest in developing the dialogue in the respective topic.

Members can be individual persons, companies and organizations of different kind. The membership enables to engage in existing clusters or to establish new clusters. The non-profit organization The Bay Areas was founded in November 2016 and was established by a private initiative, which quickly found many supporters, among them the State of Schleswig-Holstein and the City of Kiel. The organization is very much open for new members, please get in contact.